an indispensable function is of course monitoring risk

1945-2022 is the era of the Ashkenazi Jew pretending to be big intellects and the only people to lead the world when the reality is they are mostly just gangsters and criminals

Ashkenazi Jews who totally control the USA are sending sophisticated weapons to Ukraine this will provide Russians with the opportunity to target NATO installations in Europe and Eastern Europe

It looks increasingly likely that Ashkenazi Jewish-controlled Ukraine is in its final weeks of trying to maintain control of southeastern Ukraine so the war is pretty much over

Always amusing to realize the power of the internet yes the criminal Ashkenazi Jews want to suppress speech but it will not be possible Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping listen carefully to my arguments

Mr Putin and his advisors have understood my arguments they realize Halford Mackinder made some interesting arguments I will argue again the Russians are aiming for Arabia and its oil

I have called up many of the ambassadors in Washington most from Europe and very few have responded most appear to be totally under the control of Ashkenazi Jews in the United States and Israel

First Ukraine total destruction of Ukraine then build military capacity for next incursion into Turkey total destruction of Turkey then move on to Arabia for the oil fields

I expect the military incursion of Ukraine to be permanent pretty much but it is going to be a platform for Russian military incursion into Turkey pretty much total destruction of Turkey

The truth cannot be spoken on Twitter, the Ashkenazi Jews censor me there just like they have on but hardcore truth will be at my 5 web sites

I will use Twitter to "advertise" to a wider audience and to communicate with governments and heads of state, you have probably figured that out by now

I have not spoken to them but I am certain that both Mr Vladimir Putin and Mr Xi Jinping agree with me and what I argue indeed whatever I argue

It's amazing how Vladimir Putin & the Russians have raised the price of crude oil & other valuable commodities by invading Ukraine therefore raising their revenue substantially financing their war

Americans do not study history and do not understand what has happened in the world in the past 170 years, now they are totally dominated by criminal Ashkenazi Jews

I will soon get review copy from Princeton University Press of Zero to Birth by William A Harris developmental neurobiologist and will write a review as well as interview him

There is not too much change in the world since Mr Vladimir Putin ordered Russian military forces into Ukraine the world is now finishing its Ashkenazi Jew era 1945-2022

Having a dialogue with the world's heads of state is pretty interesting actually it is not much of a dialogue I tell them pretty much what to think and they listen so I tell them what to do

I am still planning to do a "newshour" every day, in audio and I will comment on what is going on in the world I am just getting back to work

Several days ago I realized that the cause of WWII was Ashkenazi Jews migrating to Germany from Poland and the Pale of Settlement starting in the 1870s

WWIII is pretty much imminent and its cause is the migration of Ashkenazi Jews to the USA from the Pale of Settlement from 1880-1920

As a consequence of WWIII the USA will be totally destroyed and much of the population will perish especially the 7.6 million or so Ashkenazi Jews

"Intelligence Collection" in the New Era [August 2004]

Apr 07, 2022

"Only the good news gets into the newspapers...."

Oleg Kalugin, retired KGB Major General, personal communication with World Affairs Monthly


There are two powerful forces now operating in the world, and it would not be an exaggeration to argue that they are working together to usher in a new era in the history of the world. These two forces have certainly always existed in some measure, but today they hold unprecedented power -- and they represent unprecedented opportunity.

These two forces -- competition and consilience -- are joining together to blow away the world of the past, the obsolete world, the world that we know restrains us and limits us. Our vision is surely forward-looking, but the structures of the past conspire to destroy our dreams.

They are creations of nature itself, and the so-called laws of the natural world, but they are also creations of the all powerful computer we call the human brain and nervous system. Centuries and centuries of competition and consilience are reshaping our world, and steering the human species into an entirely new direction -- on a path that will be characterized by an exponential growth in technology and scientific knowledge. The famed feedback loop will also be in operation: competition and consilience will lead to more technology and knowledge, and this new technology and knowledge will intensify the pressure of competition and consilience. The outcome is surely to possess an awesome and indeed frightening power.

The mystery of life -- and the mystery of the universe -- is still as yet unfathomable, but we, the human species, can now claim some mastery over the Earth and its teeming life. Indeed, our own species is extraordinarily fecund, and this is in large part due to our fascination with, and protection of, female fecundity. The male does indeed possess the power, the ultimate power. At the beginning of the 20th century there were some 1 billion humans; now there are more than 6 billion. We are witness to an ever intensifying competition and consilience, and indeed our rapid population growth is a direct outcome of both competition and consilience.

Competition identifies and isolates the adaptive and intelligent from the maladaptive and foolish; and consilience -- a word used by biologist Edward O. Wilson to describe the phenomenon of knowledge finding natural links and unifying into one single body -- identifies and isolates the real from the illusory.

Our brains will, in the decades ahead, relentlessly increase in power, in processing power. The human species will undoubtedly achieve extraordinary heights, and dominate the planet Earth and perhaps even portions of the universe, but our numbers will also surely shrink. Technology and scientific knowledge will of course be weaponized. This will be the outcome of both competition and consilience. Billions of human beings cannot indefinitely be maintained on the planet; a shocking and indeed dramatic reduction of the human population is inevitable, and perhaps even imminent. This is indeed a new era, an extraordinarily violent era, in the history of the world.

Nonetheless, the editor of World Affairs Monthly has identified five other outcomes of this intensifying competition and consilience, and they are listed below. They will be the prominent features of the new era:

1. We will see investigative journalism overwhelm and indeed subsume the business of the collection of intelligence by governmental and private espionage organizations. Very small corporations will specialize in collecting and analyzing information, data, and knowledge, and their impressive efficiency and high performance will totally discredit and destroy the large, unmanageable, and inefficient government espionage agencies and media conglomerates.

2. We will see information and knowledge quickly move to the internet, and be sold with extraordinary efficiency, low cost, and speed to a global public for a modest monthly or annual fee. Thus, all publishing will be conducted principally on the net, though publishers will likely still continue to offer versions of their publications in printed form. In all probability, some 200 individuals will operate their own distinctive web sites and information/knowledge business online, and these individuals will find this business to be rather lucrative. They will have a global audience. At the next tier below them will be another 2000 individuals, operating the same information/knowledge business, but at a much lower level of quality, and as such they will fail to operate profitably. Everything else on the TV, radio and internet will be characterized as political (and deceptive) rhetoric and gibberish, titillating violence, and pornography.

3. We will see the disintegration and ultimate destruction of the university. "There will be no universities in 25 years," Professor Eric J. Chaisson, a prominent astrophysicist at Tufts University in Massachusetts recently told the editor of World Affairs Monthly. Chaisson predicts that competition and of course consilience will drive this transformation of learning. Higher education will all be conducted online, and there will be no departments, no disciplines, no divisions whatsoever, only a consilient body of knowledge about our world and universe, argues Chaisson.

4. We will see the business of disseminating and analyzing information and knowledge become truly global in nature and scope. The exponential growth of information and knowledge will in turn stimulate the creativity of hundreds of millions of people around the globe; and these people, who will all be online, will swiftly create an extraordinarily dynamic world, and add their output to an increasingly affluent global civilization which is relatively free of borders, dogma, and censorship.

5. We will see large institutions die and disappear -- corporations, governments, nation-states, and large agencies. "The average size of new corporations [will] start shrinking toward one person plus millions of computers," writes Gregory J. E. Rawlins, the American computer scientist and author, in a book which is still in progress and has yet to be published. Brilliant individuals, aided by powerful technology and robots, will take on and obliterate large and unwieldy institutions. One man, or woman -- or a small group of highly talented people -- will find the world waiting to be conquered or even destroyed.

What will be the ultimate outcome of this new era, and of an ever intensifying competition and consilience? The world will change, dramatically and irrevocably. The future will be virtually unrecognizable. But the ultimate outcome will be that the Truth emerges, and begins, for the first time, to rival the power of the Lie. The Truth will destroy the arrogant, the foolish, and vile expressions of humanity. The Truth will conquer the world and the universe. The bad news will become exalted, and the good news entertainment.