an indispensable function is of course monitoring risk

1945-2022 is the era of the Ashkenazi Jew pretending to be big intellects and the only people to lead the world when the reality is they are mostly just gangsters and criminals

Ashkenazi Jews who totally control the USA are sending sophisticated weapons to Ukraine this will provide Russians with the opportunity to target NATO installations in Europe and Eastern Europe

It looks increasingly likely that Ashkenazi Jewish-controlled Ukraine is in its final weeks of trying to maintain control of southeastern Ukraine so the war is pretty much over

Always amusing to realize the power of the internet yes the criminal Ashkenazi Jews want to suppress speech but it will not be possible Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping listen carefully to my arguments

Mr Putin and his advisors have understood my arguments they realize Halford Mackinder made some interesting arguments I will argue again the Russians are aiming for Arabia and its oil

I have called up many of the ambassadors in Washington most from Europe and very few have responded most appear to be totally under the control of Ashkenazi Jews in the United States and Israel

First Ukraine total destruction of Ukraine then build military capacity for next incursion into Turkey total destruction of Turkey then move on to Arabia for the oil fields

I expect the military incursion of Ukraine to be permanent pretty much but it is going to be a platform for Russian military incursion into Turkey pretty much total destruction of Turkey

The truth cannot be spoken on Twitter, the Ashkenazi Jews censor me there just like they have on but hardcore truth will be at my 5 web sites

I will use Twitter to "advertise" to a wider audience and to communicate with governments and heads of state, you have probably figured that out by now

I have not spoken to them but I am certain that both Mr Vladimir Putin and Mr Xi Jinping agree with me and what I argue indeed whatever I argue

It's amazing how Vladimir Putin & the Russians have raised the price of crude oil & other valuable commodities by invading Ukraine therefore raising their revenue substantially financing their war

Americans do not study history and do not understand what has happened in the world in the past 170 years, now they are totally dominated by criminal Ashkenazi Jews

I will soon get review copy from Princeton University Press of Zero to Birth by William A Harris developmental neurobiologist and will write a review as well as interview him

There is not too much change in the world since Mr Vladimir Putin ordered Russian military forces into Ukraine the world is now finishing its Ashkenazi Jew era 1945-2022

Having a dialogue with the world's heads of state is pretty interesting actually it is not much of a dialogue I tell them pretty much what to think and they listen so I tell them what to do

I am still planning to do a "newshour" every day, in audio and I will comment on what is going on in the world I am just getting back to work

Several days ago I realized that the cause of WWII was Ashkenazi Jews migrating to Germany from Poland and the Pale of Settlement starting in the 1870s

WWIII is pretty much imminent and its cause is the migration of Ashkenazi Jews to the USA from the Pale of Settlement from 1880-1920

As a consequence of WWIII the USA will be totally destroyed and much of the population will perish especially the 7.6 million or so Ashkenazi Jews

War is the Most Powerful Force in the Development of the Human Animal

Oct 08, 2022

I was probably about 20 years old, I was beginning to seriously investigate the primates which of course includes the human mammal. It was perhaps earlier than this age but this is when I grew acutely aware of the fascinating reality of war. So this article is going in Monitoring Risk You will want to know who is looking to kill you. I am of course assuming that there is a motive for someone wanting to kill you. You are powerful, you are on a trajectory to becoming very powerful – yes this is when there will be men who will want to see you dead or certainly defeated.

It was in 2007 that Mr Donald Trump sent me [unsolicited] a review copy of his recently published book titled Think Big and Kick Ass: In Business and in Life. I knew who Trump was, obviously. He was not on the top of my agenda, however. I read through it rapidly, it was pretty good. The first page stood out and deserved special attention. He stated that when you are the best [at what you do] there will be those – your competitors – who will want you finished off, they will want you removed. He was referring to himself – which is cute. Yet I had the impression he was writing this with me in mind. We had never met but clearly he knew about me and was told to send the book to me.

So I called the publicist listed on the press release but was referred to Ms Rhona Graff. She is Trump's personal assistant. She was very friendly, and I was friendly. We discussed the review of his book, and I argued that if I were to do a good job I needed to see all his books. She said she would send them all to me. That's great, I said. We were getting along just fine and then one morning I called her and told I wanted to do an interview with Mr Trump. She agreed that it was possible. I argued that it should be over the telephone and recorded. She replied that he wanted to do a Q&A – by email. I insisted that I was interested in a tel interview. She kept replying that he would only do a Q&A. Finally after some jostle I agreed to the Q&A. Heck it was just as well. So we did the Q&A. Actually it turned out very well even quite impressive.

Why do I get into such detail about this? Well, it was one morning, like 7 am for me in CA, I was on the telephone with Ms Graff and I heard a loud noise above my house. Sounded like a helicopter. My wife and children were asleep. I told Ms Graff to hold on, that I was going to look to see what it was. To my horror it was a black Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk – yeah a Black Hawk. That's a helicopter. It had guns on it. I had the impression that it was about 200-300 feet above my house, right over my house. I was not really scared but I said to myself, “Tom this shows just how powerful you are.” They were prepared to kill me, I am sure. I went back to the telephone and told Ms Graff what I saw. I don't remember what she said.

Yes it was likely that Donald Trump in his book was referring to not only himself – but to me. Hilarious.

War is very important to the human animal. War removes the weak and unintelligent. It is no surprise that the human animal is the war-making animal – the only one on Earth. We are the cerebral war-making mammal but we not only hunt down and kill other mammals we wage war on other human mammals and kill them because we need to kill them. Or we will kill them because they are begging to be killed.

The inferior mammals, the stupid, the naive, the silly, the ugly, the useless, the foolish, the unarmed. Most important are the females – they are captured and becomes possessions. This is the indisputable history of the human mammal. The big brained human mammal. I have argued for at least 40 years that the early history of the human animal featured cannibalism. That's how we got our dose of protein. This was a necessity because hunting and killing big mammals was a near impossibility.

Killing and eating other hominids was the way we got started. This was our catalyst, this is why we have such big brains. We needed large brains to figure out how to do this hunting and killing. I imagine the hand axe was the preferred weapon/tool. I am pretty certain that this is correct – my assessment of the origins of the human mammal. I would occasionally reveal to my friend Mr Edward O Wilson [sociobiology, Harvard University] my thinking and I do not recall if he ever really challenged what I was arguing. Wilson was not too wimpy but when it came to me he was a little wimpy.

So it seems I predicted war in the final months of 2019 – on Twitter. I have published below a series of my Twitter commentary that addresses war. Also some of my theory of how the human mammal came to be. Yeah it is pretty interesting, I know. Now that war is here – in Ukraine – I think I will predict it is very likely to escalate. The Ashkenazi Jews in the United States are responsible for this war – they want to own Russia. They want to go home. Reverse Zionism – yet there are multiple motives. Hilarious.