an indispensable function is of course monitoring risk

Yeah it is certain that I have brought an end to the Ukraine war it was really all Jewish its aim was to topple Russian government and get the oil the hydrocarbons

Now that I am the principal policymaker well actually the uncontested policymaker for the entire world I am not sure there is a point to this web site anymore .... just joking

I had thought back around mid 1990s that the world was going to move into a much more advanced stage of development I have been right ... information and knowledge dominate

I have been responsible for toppling the Slovak government in Bratislava it seems I will know for sure very soon the new government is going to do exactly what I say

October 7 2023 was planned for many years in fact since 2000 there is little chance the Ashkenazi Jews will save their Zionism project they are now doing genocide in Palestine

I have called up many of the ambassadors in Washington from all over the world now they are beginning to respond I will be doing many interviews with top diplomats soon

I called up the Secretariat at the United Nations and had a good talk with them it was clear that Mr Antonio Guterres the secretary general realizes I am his boss

Ashkenazi Jews in Israel also in the United States are doing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza they will be eventually arrested and brought to the International Criminal Court in The Hague Netherlands

Actually it seems to be speeding up someone very influential a billionaire on Wall Street recently told me that I was going to get a Nobel Prize in fact I will likely get 3 of them

I will go with the ambassadors first that is like talking to heads of state but after I do interviews with these diplomats I will move to talk to heads of state with the recorder on

I have not spoken to them but I am certain that both Mr Vladimir Putin and Mr Xi Jinping agree with me and what I argue indeed whatever I argue

The biggest problem we face now is the indebtedness of the United States but I am confident that can be managed now that I am running the US government

The most important indeed freaky thing that has happened in the world was Ashkenazi Jews migrating to the USA starting in 1880 they are exploiting Americans who are mostly farm genome

I have been planning this for a long time but I am going to soon begin republishing most if not all the interviews [audio] I did in past 20 years about 500 of them

Among these republished interviews will be my interviews with the co-founders of Hamas did these in 2003-2004 .... Israel assassinated them immediately afterwards

Having a dialogue with the world's heads of state is pretty interesting actually it is not much of a dialogue I tell them pretty much what to think and they listen so I tell them what to do

I am planning to do a daily 7 days/week audio report which I will call "15 minutes WAM media" I will offer comment on what is going on in the world I am just getting back to work

I have been thinking how long before Israel is totally destroyed and most so-called Jews are killed I got the impression it is not too far off it could be shockingly soon

Because of me there is now no threat of major war no threat whatsoever the public is maybe not aware of this yet but they will be

My main job right now is to design and implement a new security architecture for both Europe and Asia also for the United States to absorb Mexico and Central America maybe even Brazil

Will the Transition to the New Era Culminate in World War?: An Interview with John R. Bolton [August 2007]

Jan 01, 2024

Some of you might be thinking that I will be reluctant to say “truthful things” about John R. Bolton and his political ideas and positions. You would be wrong, quite honestly. I have no hesitation saying what I think about the deep entrenchment of “Israeli state power” in the United States. There is little doubt that Ashkenazi Jews now totally control the United States government. This power has been building up since the 1960s but in the mid-1980s the “neocons” did get themselves firmly established in Washington, DC. And what is a neocon?

Well, all of you know the answer. A neocon is an Ashkenazi Jew [or their agents/proxies who are not Jewish genetically/ethnically] who favors an all out struggle for power, who will respect no law, who will kill [anyone] for political purposes, who believes Ashkenazi Jews are God's Special Children and destined to rule the world.

Political positioning can often be a cunning cover for criminality – and that's what this is and likely what it has always been. It explains World War 2, for sure. It explains the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet Union. Ashkenazi Jews are really nothing but criminals; they are likely descended from a nomadic tribe; they have for centuries used [deployed] deception and deceit to make a living. Call them high level Roma [Gypsies]. My personal opinion is that they are not truly Semitic, they are just an old Turkic tribe that specialized in spreading depravity and doing thievery. Of course, there might be some genuine Semitic genes in there, but a very small percentage. Sephardic Jews are certainly Semitic.

How do I know this? Because Semitic people would not be so uncivilized, they would not be so irrational, so taken with religious ideas that are crazy and/or pretty silly. Zionism is crazy, it is so crazy it is just hard to fathom. When the lunatic “Bibi” Netanyahu [recently, when endorsing the genocide and ethnic cleaning of Palestine/Gaza] talks about the Amaleks I wonder if he realizes how crazy he sounds. The Amaleks? It is pretty funny, but I doubt many people are laughing. Religious thought is not very convincing in the 21st century. This is all old-fashioned stuff. Maybe some bits of wisdom here and there, but overall it is silly and pretty meaningless.

What you basically have going on now is ancient bullshit practices being pushed on modern 21st century people. This is the so-called Jew strategy. Kill people in the name of some idea – any idea, whatever idea gets traction. Bolshevism, communism, socialism, psychiatry, Judaism, Zionism, government regulations, high rates of taxation, climate change, global warming, CO2 is a pollutant. This is all garbage Jew thought. If it is a stupid idea, it is likely from Jews.

The war in Ukraine was partly an effort to kill Slavs, both in Russia and Ukraine. Jews want Slavs dead, and dying. They want Ukraine to be destroyed, bankrupt. Apparently already some 400,000-500,000 young male Ukraine Slavs have died in combat. That's not a small achievement, the Ashkenazi Jews are likely very pleased. Anyway, the Ashkenazi Jews know that their Zionism project in the Levant is really fucked up, it is doomed, so they want to go back home. And you know where that is? The Ukraine. How much is the Ukraine war simply a desire to flee the Levant? The answer: probably a lot.

John Bolton is a friend. He's very smart, very rational, but he has placed himself firmly in the Republican hardliner camp. This is Cold War stuff. What Bolton has failed to realize – but he is likely realizing right now – is that I am right, so he will come around. He knows I have considerable power, he knows the Cold War stuff is fading – that it is almost gone.

Israel and the Super Ashkenazi Jew/the Great and Powerful Ashkenazi Jew, was an image that got built up during the Cold War. Israel is a creation of the Cold War.

Now that the Cold War is history, some 30 years in the past, Israel is finished. That is the grim reality. Bolton is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, so he is likely to come around to agree that I am right. I could be wrong, but then again the Jews just might give him more money to stay in their camp. Maybe that's what they are doing now.

But I will predict my friend John Bolton will move over to my camp – the rational camp. The camp of reason and logic. I will republish the audio recording of this August 2007 interview as soon as possible. Prepare for the dissolution of Israel, for its destruction. The United States of America will have profoundly serious relations with the Arabs and Muslims of the world. This is the future. There is no other future. I am very confident that John Bolton sees that I am right. I have asked him to do a second interview, an update. I am waiting to hear from him. The Super Jew image was, quite frankly, fake.

I know, it is funny.