an indispensable function is of course monitoring risk

Yeah it is certain that I have brought an end to the Ukraine war it was really all Jewish its aim was to topple Russian government and get the oil the hydrocarbons

Now that I am the principal policymaker well actually the uncontested policymaker for the entire world I am not sure there is a point to this web site anymore .... just joking

I had thought back around mid 1990s that the world was going to move into a much more advanced stage of development I have been right ... information and knowledge dominate

I have been responsible for toppling the Slovak government in Bratislava it seems I will know for sure very soon the new government is going to do exactly what I say

October 7 2023 was planned for many years in fact since 2000 there is little chance the Ashkenazi Jews will save their Zionism project they are now doing genocide in Palestine

I have called up many of the ambassadors in Washington from all over the world now they are beginning to respond I will be doing many interviews with top diplomats soon

I called up the Secretariat at the United Nations and had a good talk with them it was clear that Mr Antonio Guterres the secretary general realizes I am his boss

Ashkenazi Jews in Israel also in the United States are doing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza they will be eventually arrested and brought to the International Criminal Court in The Hague Netherlands

Actually it seems to be speeding up someone very influential a billionaire on Wall Street recently told me that I was going to get a Nobel Prize in fact I will likely get 3 of them

I will go with the ambassadors first that is like talking to heads of state but after I do interviews with these diplomats I will move to talk to heads of state with the recorder on

I have not spoken to them but I am certain that both Mr Vladimir Putin and Mr Xi Jinping agree with me and what I argue indeed whatever I argue

The biggest problem we face now is the indebtedness of the United States but I am confident that can be managed now that I am running the US government

The most important indeed freaky thing that has happened in the world was Ashkenazi Jews migrating to the USA starting in 1880 they are exploiting Americans who are mostly farm genome

I have been planning this for a long time but I am going to soon begin republishing most if not all the interviews [audio] I did in past 20 years about 500 of them

Among these republished interviews will be my interviews with the co-founders of Hamas did these in 2003-2004 .... Israel assassinated them immediately afterwards

Having a dialogue with the world's heads of state is pretty interesting actually it is not much of a dialogue I tell them pretty much what to think and they listen so I tell them what to do

I am planning to do a daily 7 days/week audio report which I will call "15 minutes WAM media" I will offer comment on what is going on in the world I am just getting back to work

I have been thinking how long before Israel is totally destroyed and most so-called Jews are killed I got the impression it is not too far off it could be shockingly soon

Because of me there is now no threat of major war no threat whatsoever the public is maybe not aware of this yet but they will be

My main job right now is to design and implement a new security architecture for both Europe and Asia also for the United States to absorb Mexico and Central America maybe even Brazil

Will Hamas and the Palestinian Authority Join Forces?: An Interview with Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi [July 2003]

Dec 15, 2023

My memory is unfortunately pretty sketchy. All of this – talking and doing journalism and then assassination – did probably cause a good amount of trauma. I have suffered quite a bit of trauma. All I have been doing for much of my life is putting out information and since 2002 I've been putting out information on the net. I am principally a journalist – that is my core profession – but I am also a neuroscientist and diplomat. I never sought notoriety or fame or wealth, I was only after the information, or let's call it in some cases, knowledge.

It turns out to be a somewhat dangerous business. I never really expected it to be like this. I was not naive but I more or less expected it to be interesting, exciting, and stimulating. I could not imagine doing anything else with my life. My dedication to the task was absolute, totally unwavering. I have always had the intuition since I was a young guy, say as young as 12 years or so, that my dedication to the information and knowledge business would be extremely rewarding. I am not talking about monetary gain.

So I got in contact with the founders of Hamas in the late 1990s. I met them. They knew I was a journalist – totally independent. They knew I was serious. I immediately explained my position, as a journalist. I am here to explain to the world certain things, oftentimes these things are very complex and difficult to explain. There is a truth, however. There are truths of course but usually one can get the feeling that there is the truth and you kind of know it when you see it. There is no way you can define what the truth is. It just is there, it exists.

I was on the net in April 2002. I immediately began explaining to the world the truth. International affairs, science, diplomacy, politics, economics, history etc. There really was not much I would not discuss and investigate. That is my job. Had I known that it would be this way – that men and women I am interviewing or going to interview – would be assassinated then I probably would have been surprised or possibly even shocked. I just did not imagine that I was that powerful. I knew I was powerful and influential but I did not realize I was this powerful. Am I so powerful that assassinations take place because of me? Apparently I am – and this was 20 years ago. Imagine what the situation is today?

Why are the criminals who are ordering and doing the assassinations so determined to suppress the dissemination of information? Because they are criminals! Yes, it is this simple.

I had many telephone talks with Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi. I do not remember how many but it was quite a number. I think I recall doing some 3 interviews with him. Because of me doing these interviews the Israeli government assassinated al-Rantisi [sometimes spelled Rantissi]. In fact, just before we were talking this time the Israeli government attempted to kill al-Rantisi. He and I were doing an interview, with the recorder on, and the Israeli armed forces fired some rockets at him. They missed him but killed some Palestinians nearby. Rantisi said to me, “Thomas, we will have to reschedule this, I was just almost killed.” I heard an explosion.

So we did reschedule and this new date was the interview I am writing about today. So the Jews in Israel attempted to kill Rantisi because I was talking to him. The New York Times or The Economist or CNN or whatever would of course not mention this was happening – because of me. These are not news businesses, they are Jewish-controlled propaganda businesses. Lies and garbage. Hard to believe anyone actually takes them seriously.

I will again state that I will as soon as possible republish the audio recording of this interview. I am only now getting the WAM media going once again. This is the second phase of WAM media. Before I was only World Affairs Monthly, now I have four more web sites:;;; and

Several weeks ago I reached out to the leaders of Hamas. Most of them appear to be in Doha, Qatar. How well they are protected I do not know, I would assume it has got to be pretty serious, their security. I have not heard back from them. Are they concerned that if they talk to me they will be put in a priority list to be assassinated? I would think the answer is probably yes.

That's just great, how do I do my work then? Al-Rantisi was the second most powerful leader of Hamas. Ahmed Yassin was the top guy. Rantisi was considered the second in command. Ahmed Yassin was assassinated because I was going to interview him. Rantisi was likely going to do the translation, because Yassin did not speak English. But I never had a chance to interview Yassin. They assassinated him to prevent me from talking to him – with the recorder on.

Victor Ostrovsky, who is ex-Mossad, wrote a book about Mossad in the early 1990s, does not return my calls anymore. He's probably afraid of being killed by the Israeli government. One of the last times I talked to him, and that's probably about 9 months ago, he told me that the Israeli government has tasked a number of scholars – an entire team apparently – at Hebrew University to study my life in detail and try to come up with a reason why I have become so influential. He said they are looking closely at everything I have done and written. They are examining my entire life. They cannot figure it out? Why do I have this much influence?

You know what my answer would be? I am not going to answer at this point but I think it should be pretty easy to answer. It is obvious, no?