an indispensable function is of course monitoring risk

Pretty amazing that I have brought the Jew Ukraine to an end now it does look pretty certain that I have toasted this war

Now that I am the principal policymaker well actually the uncontested policymaker for the entire world I am not sure there is a point to this web site anymore .... just joking

I had thought back around mid 1990s that the world was going to move into a much more advanced stage of development I have been right ... information and knowledge dominate

I have been using Twitter a lot but now I plan to use it less and I will instead use my scrolling texts to put out new thoughts and observations and commentary

The 21 year old Jack Douglas Teixeira who worked for the Air National Guard in Massachusetts did a great job and now we know the Jewish criminals in Washington are lying scumbags

I have called up many of the ambassadors in Washington from all over the world now they are beginning to respond I will be doing many interviews with top diplomats soon

I called up the Secretariat at the United Nations and had a good talk with them it was clear that Mr Antonio Guterres the secretary general realizes I am his boss

I have had brief conversations with a few ambassadors from large and important countries I got their mobile tel# but they are being careful not to be too chummy with me

It was really cool when Mr Elon Musk bought Twitter and took it private now I can say what I want and I predict most of Europe will move farther and farther to the right

I will go with the ambassadors first that is like talking to heads of state but after I do interviews with these diplomats I will move to talk to heads of state with the recorder on

I have not spoken to them but I am certain that both Mr Vladimir Putin and Mr Xi Jinping agree with me and what I argue indeed whatever I argue

The biggest problem we face now is the indebtedness of the United States but I am confident that can be managed now that I am running the US government

The most important indeed freaky thing that has happened in the world was Ashkenazi Jews migrating to the USA starting in 1880 they are exploiting Americans who are mostly farm genome

It looks like I am now pretty much running the University of California San Francisco also the rest of the UC system in California I will explain more about that later

Mr Victor Orban head of state of Hungary has recently said that Ukraine is totally dependent on the EU and the USA for financial support because they are a bankrupt state I had said this long ago

Having a dialogue with the world's heads of state is pretty interesting actually it is not much of a dialogue I tell them pretty much what to think and they listen so I tell them what to do

I am still planning to do a "newshour" every day, in audio and I will comment on what is going on in the world I am just getting back to work

I work 7 days/week and almost 16 hours/day but I am only just now getting back to work hard work which I like after a taking multi-year sabbatical

Because of me there is now no threat of major war no threat whatsoever the public is maybe not aware of this yet but they will be

My main job right now is to design and implement a new security architecture for both Europe and Asia also for the United States to absorb Mexico and Central America maybe even Brazil